Winter Projects '12

For my Winter projects of 2012 I decided to do a few things I've been putting off for a while and ended up doing many more. Among the main ideas were:
- Customized center console
- Repaint front bumper, trunk channel, door jambs
- Re-fiberglass & paint hood for better fit
- Paint black exterior trim
- Fix imperfections & repaint engine bay
- Glenn's Performance ABS fuel tank cover w/chrome straps
- Chrome brake booster & smoothie roadster style master cylinder
- Hide main harness behind dash, vacuum lines off of firewall
- Powder coat lower intake & paint misc. pieces candy red
- Chrome heater core tubes, wiper motor pieces
- Misc. polishing, powder coating, painting

Painted, flamed, and mirror switches hidden
Test fitting for clearance
Testing the candy red powder
Final candy red powder coating, polished fittings, chrome heater tubes

Old vs. new
Paint sample to match powder coating

Chromed, polished, and powder coated hardware

Door jambs & doors painted (no more dull factory paint!)
Fiberglassed hood edges for tighter fit

Painted fuel tank Cover w/powder coated strap

Engine Bay Smoothing Wire Hiding Car Show Pics